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Play the most visually stunning zombie shooter mobile game.

Think you can save New York from a frightening zombie apocalypse? Prepare yourself for Unkilled - the multiplayer and multiple, award-winning zombie shooter game.

Play the role of one of the key members of the elite group 'Wolfpack'. Take the responsibility of protecting New York from dangerous zombies. More importantly, stop the infection from spreading to the rest of world.


Design your hero: Pick you character and create your unique avatar. There are loads of customisable skills and skins to make you a lean mean killing machine.
Over 300 missions: It's not only about shooting. It's about survival. Play every mission as the plot unfolds and immerses you into non-stop action.
Target your enemies: Focus and eliminate your most dangerous enemies like Sheriff, Dodger, Minesweeper and more.
Massive weapon arsenal: With such a massive horde of zombies you'll need a huge collection of over 50 weapons that also include special rockets.
Smooth first person shooter action: Enjoy a unique MFG control scheme for mobile devices used by millions, a perfectly tuned auto-fire shooting system for intuitive gameplay as well as support for various gamepads.
Graphics like you've never seen: We're talking high-resolution soft shadows, GPU simulated particle effects and tens of thousands of particles for stunning special effects. There's also textured reflective surfaces, speed tree powered vegetation rendering and high polygon character models. Plus, a truly cinematic look that does justice to an epic storyline.
Compete online in player versus player battles: Combat with players from all over the world. Build your zombie army and wage war against other player's bases.

Ready to take on the zombies? Download Unkilled now.

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